Commission Info


Send me a direct message on Instagram or send me an email! You can pick between three different commission categories – portrait, full-body and detailed illustrations. You can choose if you’d like a simple background to portraits and full-body illustrations.

I will be sending you the sketch via email or IG for you to look at as soon as it’s finished. You will be able to make one revision! I’ll then deliver the final illustration to you via email or Google Docs.

If you have questions on ordering, how to pay your invoice, or anything at all you might be unsure of, please send me a message at or in my Instagram direct messages @azeareart and I’ll answer your questions!


When commissioning me, please give me a description of what you would like. It doesn’t have to be overly descriptive if you’re not sure of what you want. It can for example be a scene, situation,  mood or pose.

If you’re wanting me to illustrate your character, leave a reference picture (or several) for me to see, so that I can best portray them. This can be reference sheets or drawings you’ve made of them. The same goes for pets or other animals. The more different angles I get, the better I can portray them.

Don’t feel unsure about asking for a commission if you don’t have a descriptive idea, I’ll come up with something cool!


Payments will be done with the invoice feature via PayPal, where you first pay a deposit, which guarantees you will receive a finished product, and then pay the final invoice charge. This will be done after you’ve received the final product.

Once the final product is delivered, you will need to pay the final invoice within 10 days through PayPal. If you are not able to, you may contact me directly to receive an extension, however these will only be given on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that I will not be offering refunds, but if you change your mind about purchasing the commission after me sending in the sketch, you will not be charged the final invoice charge.


All my commissioned pieces are for private use only unless you’ve ordered a commercial piece. For commercial orders you agree to give me credit and link back to this site if used in a video or on the internet. I will send you the final product in full size via Google Drive. All my drawings will be made in 300ppi unless specified otherwise.


Your commission may help me build my portfolio, therefore I may choose to add it there or on my Deviantart and Instagram account, unless you’ve specified otherwise. If you would not like me to add it to my own portfolio or on the internet, please let me know.


I will not be taking any orders that request third-party intellectual properties, such as characters from video games, movies, or tv series. I will also not be drawing sexual content, extreme violence or gore. Mild nudity or a bit of blood is fine. I will also not be doing character designs, but I may open up for this in the future.



Portrait commission – $25

Portrait w/ simple background – $30


Full-body commission – $50

Full-body  w/ simple background – $55


Detailed illustration commission – $75